zipCPQ software helps you present your product portfolio through an online configuration tool while generating accurate pricing and quotes for your customers. Meet this tool through these five simple questions and let it help you sell configurable products!

When it comes to selling any goods or services, the process seems easy – you sell something, the other side buys it. But when it comes to selling configurable products (no matter if it’s a dining table, shoe, or a crane), a lot of error-points could arrive along the way of placing and delivering an order. Let’s take an example of selling a complex crane:
  • Customer configures desired crane (its load rating, material, winch, base and wire rope)
  • Customer gets price for that exact feature combination (price for that SKU)
  • Sales team generates quote, sends the quote back to the customer…
This process could be named after 3 simple letters – cpq – which stand for configure, price, quote. But this process could be time-consuming both on company and customer end. To start with, a company needs to prepare and present its portfolio in a way to contain all important product features. Still, some important product information may not be mentioned by the customer while placing an order. When buying a crane, customer may not understand which colours or finish types are available and how it would affect the final product in terms of a price and appearance. So, this information may not be specified in the order customer placed. Then the sales team gets in touch with customer, describes the possible options, asking them to specify the wanted one… And so on… That’s where cpq software comes in place. To help companies sell complex goods, reduce time needed for a customer to make a buying decision, and to reduce time needed for generating accurate quotes on a company’s side. Meet zipCPQ and let it help you configure, price and quote!

What is zipCPQ software?

zipCPQ is a complete sales-assisting tool that brings together:
  • Configurator
The 3D (or 2D) product configuration option enables your customers to explore and play with all product variations. It helps them visualise product features and find the one that suits their needs the best.
  • Price
The pricing module enables generating price for exact item (SKU) that’s being configured in a real time. Base-prices are added to the backend and could be accessed by the sales team at any time, enabling them to define different pricing rules, pricing groups or discounts with ease.
  • Quote
Quotes are generated within a second, reducing the time usually needed for specifying each requested item.  Quotes are generated through the configurator and sent to the back office where the sales team can check and confirm quotes or add/ change discounts. Quote is then ready to be sent to the customer and sales team can track the status of each request.      

Why would you need zipCPQ modules?

Your customers may find hard to understand all variations of complex goods you’re selling. If you are struggling with selling configurable products, zipCPQ software will help you quickly produce accurate quotes for your customers, while showing them your product scope and prices through product configuration tool. zipCPQ helps you specify every possible configuration, price, discount, and scenario, making the quoting process fast and user friendly.  

Who would benefit from implementing zipCPQ solution?

Both you and your customers! It will help you generate quotes and close deals faster. While you will benefit from reducing error-points and time invested by your sales team in each deal, your customers will enjoy the experience you provide them. zipCPQ is more than just selling. It’s the best way to present your offer and to include your customer in the decision-making process. The 3D product configurator would navigate them through the process, helping them to narrow the product consideration phase and add the best combination of features to their cart.  

Where product configurator can be implemented?

Product configurator can be added as a part of the CPQ solution or as a standalone tool. See how we implemented the configuration solution for THERN® : Winches & Cranes.  

When can you get this solution for your business? 

Right now! Go ahead of your competition and implement zipCPQ solution right away. Our team will lead you in every step of a process – from custom development phase tailored to your needs, to the implementation of solution and integration to your ERP solution where applicable.