Customers’ expectations are at an all-time high, and businesses are trying their best to offer a seamless sales experience. B2B customers and buyers are looking for a self-service, frictionless buying experience. Complex products and manual quoting processes often prolong the sales process.   

CPQ software is one of many tools that can help streamline the sales process, but it’s unique in that it helps both the sales team and the customer. The sales team can use that time to focus on the customer by automating manual processes and generating quotes. 

Here are a few strategies you can plan to accelerate your sales process.   


Automate manual and mundane tasks

One of the most outstanding features of CPQ is the ability to automate mundane tasks. Automating manual tasks will shift the time for administrative tasks to focusing on the customers. The benefits are something worth thinking about.   

Automation will drastically reduce human error, improving quote accuracy. Furthermore, it accelerates the quote-to-cash process and approval time. With CPQ, you can automate your approval process with set-up rules. All of your sales data remains accurate and transparent 

Automation not only streamlines your sales process but also opens up new opportunities. It allows your sales teams to concentrate on deals that fall outside of your usual pricing parameters, potentially leading to new and more profitable sales. 

Accurate quoting  

CPQ software ensures that you deliver accurate and professional-looking quotes. Quoting is an outstanding feature that allows you to customize and save quote templates, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.  

During the quote generation, your sales team can adjust and customize the quote to reflect your brand’s identity. This personal touch in the quote will not only increase customer engagement but also enhance their satisfaction with the buying process. The added benefit of creating templates is preventing errors often occurring during manual input, giving you the confidence of accurate quoting.    

Up-to-date pricing  

Complicated pricing is one of the main reasons your sales cycle is slowing down. Managing complex pricing rules and various discount rules will only burden your sales team. With CPQ software, the sales team can adjust pricing and apply discounts based on preset pricing rules. This will allow your team to respond to customers proactively during negotiations, which can help them close deals more efficiently.  For example, if you offer seasonal discounts or special promotions, they can be automatically added to the quote. With CPQ, you can also update your pricing more efficiently. All of your proposals remain compliant with the market changes. hey can be automatically added to the quote. With CPQ, you can also update your pricing more efficiently. All of your proposals remain compliant with the market changes. 

Easy Collaboration 

Easy collaboration across all departments is crucial for a seamless sales process. A cloud-based CPQ will ensure transparency and simplify communication between sales, marketing, finance, and other departments.   

With a cloud-based CPQ system, real-time updates ensure your teams have up-to-date information. This not only enhances transparency but also significantly reduces your approval time and eliminates bottlenecks. All the reviews and adjustments can be made in a matter of minutes! 

Data-driven decisions 

CPQ software often features analytics that provide valuable insight into your sales process. This feature will help you sharpen your business strategies. For example, you can see what your most sold products are and analyze customer behavior on your website.   

CPQ software allows you to efficiently monitor the number of closed deals and quotes sent out. It also provides you with insights into the average deal closing time and predictable negotiation timelines, relieving you of the burden of manual tracking and estimation.   

Your teams can easily track inventory and resources, which can help you streamline your supply management. Moreover, this will help you reward and motivate your teams. 

Introducing CPQ into your business will transform your sales process and streamline workflow. With analytics and accurate data, you can plan your strategies more easily. You’ll also have a seamless sales cycle and faster deal closure! Most importantly, you’ll strengthen your sales team and enhance customers’ trust in the company. 

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