CINCINNATI, OHIO USA (November 9, 2023) – Direct Conveyors has teamed up with Helioz Technologies in a transformative collaboration to revolutionize their sales process. Implementing zipCPQ not only simplifies complex product configuration processes but also increases Direct Conveyors’ dedication to efficiency and the satisfaction of their customers. 


The challenge

The company devoted much of its time to generating customer quotes and product information. Direct Conveyors handles a large variety of custom and complex equipment, such as Flat Belt Conveyors, Timing Belt (fixtured/non fixtured) Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors, and all different styles of Roller Chain Conveyors. Amongst their products, there are many possible configurations. Their existing solution on the website did not fully support their needs.  


Current Challenges

A partial configuration solution 

Outdated website 

Complex product information 



In order for us to add more configurators and modify the current one, it was an extremely bulky, expensive, and time-consuming process. We need the ability to update our models on the fly as we are constantly improving our products.

Tyler Wood; Vice President at Direct Conveyors

The solution 

Helioz Technologies team developed a brand-new website with implemented zipCPQ. The website features a new configurator with up-to-date information about their products. The goal was to create an interactive website with easy navigation and a guided buying process. Once we introduced the new website, with the implemented configurators, to their sales team, they had the visibility they needed to provide the best buying experience for their customers. 

A screenshot showing the home page of Direct Conveyors website.

The configurator guides the customers through the buying process. It contains a 3D real-time visualization where the customers can inspect the product in detail. In any step, the customer can update the product preview, view it in full screen, and download the product information in 3D CAD format. When the customer configures the desired product, they add it to the quote request in one click

We are receiving a lot of positive feedback from customer, vendors, and partners regarding the ability to download models online.

Tyler Wood; Vice President at Direct Conveyors


A screenshot showing the configuration option and products on the website .A screenshot showing the conveyor being configurated.


At the bottom of the page, the customers can see all necessary product information, including tech specifications, chain information, and documentation. It also includes Standard and Custom Accessories that can be added to the quote.   

Direct Conveyors are unique in the way that they offer a variety of custom solutions in order to meet their customers’ material handling needs. When customers request a quote, they can also request more information about custom accessories in the same quote request. All inquiries reach Direct Conveyor’s sales team in a single email, avoiding cluttering.  

The Catalog features all their standard conveyor spare part components. Items can be added to the quote request with the quantity needed as well as custom cut lengths. For example, all Extrusions can be modified to the desired lengths.

A screenshot showing the product catalog on the website.

The result: 

Robust CPQ solution 

Direct Conveyors now benefit from a robust CPQ solution that efficiently handles product configurations, ensuring that even the most complex customer requirements are met seamlessly. 

Improved speed and accuracy  

With zipCPQ implementation, the quoting process has significantly transformed, becoming significantly shorter. This change accelerates the sales process and ensures higher accuracy in customer quotes. 

Affordable solution 

zipCPQ presents an affordable investment for our clients, proving to be a strategic and easily justifiable addition to their operations. By optimizing the sales process, it contributes to a notable increase in overall revenue. 

Updated Website 

As part of our solution, we designed and implemented a new, modern website for Direct Conveyors. This website version offers easy navigation, ensuring visitors can effortlessly explore their products. 


Direct Conveyors enjoy the benefit of a self-service model, ensuring they handle all aspects of their information and website management through zipCPQ. 


We believe our new website and the integration of zipCPQ  is crictical to our growth in 2024.

– Tyler Wood, Vice President at Direct Conveyors 



About Direct Conveyors 

Direct Conveyors is a company that offers practical solutions for various conveying applications. They manufacture the most comprehensive portfolio of low-profile conveyors in the industry. They can improve productivity and efficiency to lower operating costs by providing standard and custom-designed conveyance solutions. Direct Conveyors is a customer-driven company with one simple goal: make purchasing your material handling solution easy. They are committed to exceeding customer expectations in every area of the business. 


About Helioz Technologies 

Helioz Technologies is a cloud-based application developer offering products and services for product configuration solutions, featuring zipCPQ and Pallet Insights. zipCPQ is a cloud-based configure, price quote application fit for companies with configurable products or products for which 3D product data adds value to the customer journey. Helioz clients achieve the best digital customer experience and improve their sales by making it easier for their customers to buy from them. 

We look forward to bringing zipCPQ to you and your company!