A B2B sales process is a detailed environment with many moving parts. Most sales processes start with marketing and sales, where your prospects become customers, and it all leads to organizing contracts, delivering the products, and maintaining the relationship with your clients. All of these steps are handled by many people and sometimes in different departments, and you need to make sure it all runs smoothly. You need to have control over complex deals to avoid losing the customer by prolonging response time.   

However, utilizing a CPQ solution transforms that risk into an organized, calculated, controlled, and unique customer experience. One of the primary CPQ functions is to automate tedious manual tasks in the sales process. CPQ handles complex deals, automatically calculates the prices of the configured product, and generates fast and error-free quotes. 

With CPQ handling the moving parts of the sales process, the sales teams have a greater opportunity to connect with the customer. CPQ is the perfect tool to keep dynamic and powerful workflow., teams organized, and customers satisfied.   

Maintaining internal organization is essential for a successful deal closure. Each department and team has different goals and challenges as well. If they are not properly coordinated, the sales process can face many conflicts and unnecessary delays. Implementing CPQ software into your organization will keep everyone on track. As a cloud-based system, it stores all necessary documents for easy coordination. 

Key benefits of CPQ

But even with a CPQ solution, sales processes can still be complex. Here are a few things you should look out for and keep maintaining:  

  • Data overload – complex deals involve complex documents that can be hard to manage. Make sure you don’t displace important documents and keep them organized.  
  • Inconsistent deal structure – you can easily set up default templates so that everyone follows the same formats. Any additional changes should be customized to everyone’s understanding.   
  • Team collaboration – Coordinating information between sales, marketing, and finance can be tricky. Set up a communication channel and ensure everyone knows where to find each document.    
  • Pricing complexity – Complex prices can often be confusing. Organize your pricing information and set up a navigation system.   
  • Risk management – Identifying risks is a challenge, but try to make more data-driven decisions rather than going in blind.   


CPQ is designed to help you with all these challenges. Not only will it help you organize your documents, pricing information, and team collaboration, but it will also help you make data-driven decisions. CPQ streamlines the sales process by creating complex quotes and provides the sales team with up-to-date prices.   


The future of CPQ in the sales process  

CPQ is already proving itself to be a crucial tool in a B2B sales process. Implementing a CPQ solution into your business requires determination to adapt and overcome challenges. Solving your problems with CPQ will help you evolve your sales teams and, overall, your business.  

Furthermore, CPQ plays a great role in post-sales processes. It guides your sales team through cross-selling and upsell opportunities, as well as ongoing contract activities.   

CPQ solutions, like zipCPQ, help you stay updated on all changes that happen in the industry.   


About zipCPQ  

zipCPQ helps you bring and maintain structure in your sales activities! zipCPQ is a cloud-based configure, price, and quote software fit for companies that offer configurable products and services. zipCPQ features a 3D real-time visualization to offer a unique customer journey. zipCPQ is becoming a driving force in the manufacturing industry, supporting businesses that manufacture cranes, cylinders, and conveyor machines.