Oleum Flex, a hydraulic and industrial installation company, and Helioz Technologies implement zipCPQ to simplify configuration and speed up quote generation.

In the ever-evolving world of oil industry, precision and efficiency are essential. That’s why Oleum Flex and Helioz Technologies collaborated to implement zipCPQ on their website. The result is a solution that will streamline their process and boost productivity.

Recognizing the need to upgrade, Oleum Flex collaborated with Helioz Technologies for a solution for their complex configurations. zipCPQ is an innovative tool that simplifies the configuration of complex products, ensures accurate pricing, and generates quotes swiftly. It enhances the quoting efficiency and empowers Oleum to offer its customers the highest standard of quality while maintaining competitive pricing.


The Challenge:

Hydraulics and industrial installation are a world of intricacies where precision engineering meets the constant need for cost-effectiveness. For Oleum Flex, these challenges were all too familiar. They offer over 500 hydraulic and industrial hoses and over 1500 fittings in their assortment. Manual quoting processes, complex configurations, and pricing complexities often led to delays and errors, hindering their ability to deliver the best customer service.

This implementation aimed to provide a single platform to handle configuration, pricing, and generating quotes and to cut down the use of spreadsheets. Automating these processes and streamlining the workflow will enable Oleum Flex to give its customers the best experience with all provided resources.


The Solution: 

Helioz implemented zipCPQ into their website to solve those challenges, automate manual tasks, and enhance workflow. The configurator allows users and customers to assemble products to fit their needs.

The hose assembly configurator is available on their website. The configurator displays a 3D viewer that allows the user to inspect the hose in detail. The view covers all the configuration steps, from choosing the hose, fittings, and protection. The last step of configuration shows the assembled product and the bill of material. From there, the customer can choose the quantity and add it to the cart. After successful configuration, the customer requests a quote, and Oleum’s sales team receives a notification when a new request has been created.


Every quote is handled by zipCPQ’s Quote Management tool. Using this tool, every sales team member can give discounts, add shipping, and send quotes to the customer. When the quote is finalized, the sales team sends the quote through zipCPQ’s interface. Automating this step reduces the error in quote generation and the time it takes to generate quotes.

Overall, an automated online sales process saves time, reduces deal closure time, and even cuts costs. Oleum Flex has the total ability to offer the best customer experience.


About Oleum Flex:

Oleum Flex was founded in 2012 as a result of twenty years of knowledge and experience. They carry out design, production, montage, and installations for hydraulics and industrial and other related products. Oleum Flex’s advantage is diligent and patient employees, knowledge, expertise, competence, and quality of the provided service. They have quick and unique technical solutions with competitive pricing on the market. The most important products from the assortment are high pressure rubber flexible hoses, PVC & Composite hoses, high pressure fittings, FLANGE SYSTEM fittings, ERMETO DIN 2353 fittings and VEBEO fittings, quick couplings, pipe clamps and rest of trade products range.


About Helioz Technologies:

Helioz Technologies is a cloud-based application developer offering products and services for product configuration solutions, featuring zipCPQ and Pallet Insights. zipCPQ is a cloud-based configure, price quote application fit for companies with configurable products or products for which 3D product data adds value to the customer journey. Helioz clients achieve the best digital customer experience and improve their sales by making it easier for their customers to buy from them.

We look forward to bringing zipCPQ to you and your company!