CINCINNATI, OHIO USA (November 27th, 2023) – Maverick Machine & Hydraulics and Helioz Technologies have implemented zipCPQ solution to shorten the sales process and improve customers’ digital experience.  


Maverick Machine design, manufacture, and supply a wide range of standard and custom hydraulic cylinders. Configuring cylinders often involves intricate configurations based on specific customer requirements. The complexity of these configurations can lead to lengthy sales processes. Being accurate and fast is also important for the customers as well. Having a seamless sales process can enhance customer experience.  

Our primary goal is to shorten the time to respond to client requests for quotes. This will also have an impact on our entire delivery time.

-Brian Marshall, Managing Director at Maverick Machine


Their custom cylinders can be interactively configured on their website. Helioz team implemented zipCPQ into their website for a seamless configuration process. The solution features a 3D viewer with real-time visualization. It allows customers to see the product up close and inspect it at any angle.  

A 3D model showing a stainless steel cylinder

A 3D model showing a Stainless Steel Cylinder

zipCPQ covers all steps of the configurations, including size, diameter, port size, and end mounts. The customers choose the features based on their requirements. When the custom cylinder is completely configured, the customers can choose the quantity and add it to the quote request. After the successful quote request, Maverick Machine’s sales team gets an email with the requested quote.  

A screenshot of the configuration showing the 3D model of a cylinder and various options for customization.

The configuration process of a custom-made cylinder

With this solution, the sales process was shortened significantly for the customer and for Maverick Machine. This eliminates the time-consuming manual tasks, allowing their sales team to respond to quote requests more quickly. Overall, the entire workflow has been improved, which makes room to immediately see small, significant changes.  

The integration so far has been excellent at working out the details and changes we want to see happen. As soon as it launched, we started to see requests to expand our selection of mounts!

-Brian Marshall, Managing Director at Maverick Machine 


This implementation resulted in the ability to create an automated sales process without complex manual input. By using a single platform, they will speed up the sales process and increase accuracy in pricing and quotes. It also helps their customers to choose the right products with easy configuration.  Having a seamless sales process will help their business evolve and make them stand out from the competition.  


About Maverick Machine & Hydraulics 

Maverick Machine are market leaders in the design, manufacturing, and supply of a wide range of standard and custom hydraulic cylinders and manifolds in North America. They serve both the Canadian and US markets with custom made hydraulic cylinders, forklift cylinders, hoist hydraulics services. They also supply a wide range of hydraulics services, repairs, and manufacturing. Visit the Maverick Machine official website to find out more about their products and services. 


About Helioz Technologies: 

Helioz Technologies is a cloud-based application developer offering products and services for product configuration solutions, featuring zipCPQ &Pallet Insights. zipCPQ is a cloud-based configure, price quote application fit for companies with configurable products or products for which 3D product data adds value to the customer journey. Helioz clients achieve the best digital customer experience and improve their sales by making it easier for their customers to buy from them. 

We look forward to bringing zipCPQ to you and your company!