Nowdays, crane manufacturers face many challenges in sales and production. These can range from an unnecessary sales process to unexpected production costs. Among other things, manufacturers are looking for a way to evolve their sales teams.

Affected by the digital world and a new customer era, manufacturers must progress in the field. Many of them are reaching out for a CPQ solution.

CPQ solutions work on three simple principles – Configure, Price, and Quote.

  1. Configure: CPQ solutions provide accurate and functional product recommendations with self-service capabilities. It instantly improves customer satisfaction. This way, the sales team can focus on the customer rather than administrative tasks.
  2. Price – zipCPQ offers pricing support with consistent, real-time pricing and discount data. This system allows zipCPQ to align all pricing deals and sales according to corporate objectives. zipCPQ is also improved with automatic validation and approval processes.
  3. Quote – zipCPQ generates automatic quotes. It has contract management which generates dynamic contracts, comparing and merging contracts.

Why should crane manufacturers reach out for a CPQ solution:

– They offer a wide range of configurable products,

– Quote generations are often inaccurate,

– Someone is manually reviewing all quotes.

ZipCPQ solution offers a faster introduction of new products, services, and features. It ensures that the pricing is up to date when you store prices directly in the system. It will eliminate errors in financial calculations. The cloud-based system holds all spreadsheets with prices, deals, and discounts, leaving little room for error.

ZipCPQ helps you build momentum as you generate quotes faster. It also reduces failed orders by having an automated ordering system. Human error can happen often – this can result in unfulfilled orders. While manually configuring a product, a specific part, feature, or element can often get misplaced. The zipCPQ solution ensures that no part goes missing.


Advantages of a product configurator

The product configurator in zipCPQ has many purposes. Mainly, it is an interactive process between the product and the customer. The customer chooses the product and its features, and the product configurator saves that decision and guides the customer onto the next steps. Customers visually build the product, making them connect more to the product.

Product configurator helps you, as a manufacturer, test new products, features, and options. You can test your new product by creating a defined version without needing to manufacture the actual product. The configurator also helps you find the best version of a particular product, and you can save the best variation and bring the customer’s focus to it.

Online, the product configurator records all order details, which are sent directly to the manufacturing team after the customer’s approval. This way, the manufacturing team knows what they need to build and won’t have any extra parts.

When the customers see the product in their entirety, they are more likely to approve their order. With that visual aspect, the customers can see the product’s functionality.

The pricing system is closely tied to the product configurator. The product configurator has transparent pricing. Showing the base price eliminates doubts regarding affordability, as customers know the product’s price.

A product configurator was an excellent solution for Eilbeck Cranes! Check out their products to see how we did it.


3D product visualizer as a selling point

A 3D model lets the customer test the product size and fit, enabling them to view a product from every angle. A 2D plan can often be confusing, making it hard to picture in the real world.

A 3D display can prevent returns and refunds. Product image plays a big part in the sales process.

When a customer has a model visualized, they are less likely to return it. With a 3D model, the customers do not need to read specific manuals and gloss over little details, and it lets them see the inside of a product, every detail, and its functionality.

3D product visualizer is ideally used on Thern’s Portable Davit Cranes!

The Helioz team of developers and project support personnel made this journey undemanding.

It’s not often that you find such smart people that are so fun and pleasant to work with!

John P. Lund,
VP of Sales & Marketing at Thern, Inc.


Automatic quoting for improved deal approval

The automatic quoting system has risen in popularity as manual quoting is becoming insufficient. Without automation, manual quoting can lead to many errors. Automation ensures that the sales team can focus on communicating with a customer. A quick and automated quote can improve the deal approval process. With automatic quoting, you can generate impressive and professional proposals and sales. It helps manage multiple invoices, purchases, orders, and other documents.

Automated quoting allows for saving time and money. All your information and data are stored in one place, saving you time, and improving your data management. This way, you are putting your focus on the customer rather than on paperwork. Your customers have the transparency to access essential data without waiting.


Get started with zipCPQ!

Not all CPQ solutions are made the same. Applying the zipCPQ solution to your website can enormously impact your business. ZipCPQ plays a crucial part in a successful selling strategy, and it can make your sales cycle faster and pricing data more accurate, and your team will be able to prepare orders faster.

You can have all the mentioned benefits and more with zipCPQ! To learn more about our tool, visit the official website or email