CINCINNATI, OHIO USA (June 20, 2023) – Conway Machine, Inc. and Helioz Technologies implement an eCatalog solution on Conway Machine’s website to provide a unique buying experience!

Nowadays, manufacturers must provide accurate quotes and a seamless sales process.  Similarly, Conway Machine Inc. sought a solution to help their customers choose the right product and simplify the quoting process. ZipCPQ is cloud-based software that helps companies handle their sales processes. With this solution, Conway Machine Inc. can improve the customer’s journey by automating essential steps in the sales process and reducing response time for complex orders.

To showcase the variety of their products in the best way possible, Helioz Technologies developed an eCatalog for better management of product information. The eCatalog provides detailed product information, helping customers perfect their purchasing decisions. The eCatalog Helioz developed for Conway Machine is unique in that it offers a 3D and 2D view, an interactive BOM table, and an RFQ button.

We chose Helioz Technologies because we wanted an eCatalog with a 3D viewer. Having the ability to show customers what our products look like in real time over the Internet is an effective selling tool.  -Rachael Cox, Conway Machine Inc.

The Challenge

Conway Machine Inc. faced numerous challenges in its sales process. They manufacture gripper bars, sprockets, strip pins, and all related parts of each product. Without a proper catalog, choosing the right product and quoting those products can be heinous. They were looking for a way to let the customers choose the products themselves and quickly get an accurate quote.

Conway Machine, Inc. product information is implemented into an online catalog. The catalog allows viewing the products in a 2D and a 3D viewer and mapping out spare parts.


All of Conway Machine’s products can be actively configured in the eCatalog on their website. Helioz team developed a product page based on Conway Machine’s web design standards. The product page’s layout now features a 3D interactive preview, where the users can click and select a specific part. The viewer is also available in 2D with a specific part number and highlighted when clicked. Within the 3D viewer, customers can spin the model and zoom in and out.

Visitors to the page can find a catalog that lists all the product categories on the right side, with the corresponding pictures on the left. Clicking on the desired product category lists different model numbers. Each model can be viewed separately in a specialized 3D viewer, with a unique feature for spare parts.


We think that the 3D Catalog will portray professionalism and speak to our engineering capabilities.  –Rachael Cox, Conway Machine Inc.


The Spare Parts page is a unique interactive viewer with a BOM table. The user can select any spare part related to the model, which highlights on the 3D model. Additionally, The BOM table and the 2D view highlight the same part.

Clicking on the wanted spare part opens a view that lets the users closely inspect the product and add it to their RFQ. Also, the pop-up view gives greater detail about the spare part.

About Conway Machine, Inc.:

Conway Machine, Inc. produces gripper bars at their USA facility, following strict OEM guidelines. In addition, Conway offers various spare parts like strip pins, chains, and other replacement parts. Their manufacturing processes are continuously improved according to the ISO procedures.

About Helioz Technologies and zipCPQ:

Helioz Technologies is a cloud-based application developer offering products and services for product configuration solutions, featuring zipCPQ and Pallet Insights. zipCPQ is a cloud-based configure, price quote application fit for companies with configurable products or products for which 3D product data adds value to the customer journey. Helioz clients achieve the best digital customer experience and improve their sales by making it easier for their customers to buy from them.

We look forward to bringing zipCPQ to you and your company!