While CPQ comes with many features, there are some that you should focus on and refrain from being swayed by fancy words. CPQ goes beyond its essential features: configure, price, and quote. CPQ solutions are essentially sales automation tools, and the most important features are the ones that will make your job easier. Those features add value to the CPQ solution.

If you’re looking into CPQ solutions, you should pay attention to these features: Easy setup

  • Easy use
  • Easy administration
  • Meets requirements
  • Quality support
  • Robust engine
  • Guided selling
  • Seamless integration
  • Contract management
  • Analytics
  • E-signature
  • Security


Easy setup

When you have ongoing sales processes, it’s not advisable to disrupt that workflow by implementing new software. Take into account that you also have to provide training for the team. However, having a CPQ solution that has a quick and easy setup can be a game changer! A seamless integration with CRM and ERP software is also practical during implementation. With a quick and easy setup, you avoid clutter and duplicative documents.

Easy use

Implementing new software into your workflow requires training and patience. If your sales team struggles with the new software, they will still do some tasks manually, defeating the purpose of CPQ. The perfect CPQ solution for a sales team has fast onboarding and ease of use. Still, it should also be flexible enough to make changes on the go to enhance adoption.

Easy administration

CPQ software has features that will automate administrative tasks. Your sales team gets a tool that will enable them to update and manage documents efficiently. Updating pricing rules, new configurations, and uploading new products is made simple by features for easy administration.

Meets your requirements

Every business has a different requirement. One business may want to accelerate its quote generation, but the other wants better approval management. CPQ solutions mainly offer features that will streamline your sales process. But, there are other features that your business will greatly appreciate, such as guided selling or e-signature integration. Do your research and choose the one that will solve all your challenges.

Quality of support

Complex software such as CPQ needs to have strong support. There should be ongoing communication through the implementation and setup. You want to look for a CPQ provider that focuses on customer support.

Robust engine

Remember that your sales team should be able to handle complex configuration logic. It would be best to insist on a solution that allows you to create intricate pricing rules and quotes. Look for a CPQ solution to enable you to be creative with your packages, bundles, and discounts.

Guided selling

If your CPQ provider offers guided selling, it can cut down training time! With it, your sales team can efficiently source product recommendations and quickly identify up-sell opportunities. Also, they can answer any client’s inquiries quickly and troubleshoot concerns.

Seamless integration

To streamline your sales process the best, centralization of documentation is the best practice. Integrating CPQ with CRM and/or ERP will create a cohesive work environment. These integrations will ensure that all your processes and teams are aligned.

Contract renewal

The contract renewal feature makes it easy to track subscriptions and contracts with set reminders and subscription options.


Analytics are crucial to track how successful your sales processes are. They track KPIs that will help you upgrade or change your sales process. You can spot missed opportunities and optimize your workflow.


Having an E-signature integration will help close deals faster. E-signature converts prospect-to-customer faster and is also helpful during contract renewals and repurchases. Finally, documents can be signed anywhere and anytime, reducing the waiting time.


You want to ensure that all your sensitive information remains safe, as many companies must comply with strict guidelines. Your number one pick should be CPQ software with strict security to avoid data leaks.



If you’re looking for a CPQ solution, you should pay attention to these features to efficiently automate your sales process.

Contact us to learn about all zipCPQ’s features! Not all CPQ solutions are made the same. Applying the zipCPQ solution to your workflow can enormously impact your business. ZipCPQ plays a crucial part in a successful selling strategy, and it can make your sales cycle faster and pricing data more accurate, and your team will be able to close deals faster.

We look forward to bringing zipCPQ to you and your company!